Casa Vacanze Eco-Friendly Marina di Ragusa “Il Gufo e La Civetta” Apts

Hi, I'm Giorgio (the host).

I started this experience on July 2, 2020, together with my daughter Chiara (co-host). Despite all the difficulties of the period we left with courage and determination. We obtain flattering results for the quality and quantity of services rendered to customers and we receive positive reviews (5 stars) from the major tour operators and the most important OTAs. We trust in an eco-sustainable future and use the latest generation TESLA photovoltaic systems to power the apartments and to offer our customers the convenience of being able to recharge the battery of their car. We take care of our modern and comfortable accommodation, both for the hygiene of the premises and for the functionality of the systems. We take care of our customers, advising them both on how to spend a quiet, peaceful, safe and fun holiday and actively helping them if they find themselves in difficulty. We pay the utmost attention to attention to detail, respecting the expectations of customers with special needs (animals, children, the elderly, the disabled). By reconfirming their trust and presence, we are (probably) one of the best solutions on the market for our customers. These are our "missions" and we believe in them.

With the hope to see you soon.